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What is Burnout and Bounce?

Burnout affects workplace morale, productivity, innovation, the mental and physical health of employees and ultimately, the bottom line. Is your organization willing to sacrifice its people over profit? Every day you are faced with challenges that test your patience, adaptability, and resilience. Leaders who cultivate resilience within their teams foster employees that are better able to adapt to stress and adversity, are more resilient to change and are less likely to suffer from burnout.

It is time to take control of burnout!

What do we offer your team?


We help your team react to change and new experiences positively, seeing them as opportunities to learn.


We help your team understand and own the ability to positively influence events and outcomes.


We help your team identify the purpose behind everyday occurrences in the workplace and world.

What people are saying:

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What to Expect.

A one-day interactive training workshop is delivered in-person or virtually. The training can also be delivered as a series over several weeks or months.

Identify the layers of stress and burnout signals in themselves and others;

Develop strategies to manage emotions under pressure;

Increase resilience within themselves and their team when faced with change or challenges;

Prioritize their mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being, and manage their energy;

Build and commit to a Mental Wealth Plan that benefits the well-being of themselves and their team.

It's time to level up!

You and your team deserve to CONTROL Burnout.

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