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About us

Building the World's Best Leaders.

Intention I Inclusion I Impact

“When you are clear about your purpose, you can lead with intention, nurture inclusion, and create lasting impact.”

At Humanicity Consulting Group, we help build the World’s best leaders through intention, inclusion, and impact. We are on a mission to create a more human world of work where your business and people can thrive.

We offer consultative and advisory services on people and culture practices, customized workshops for leaders and teams, keynotes, and private or group coaching to drive high-performance. We customize programs and solutions based on our clients’ needs in the areas of inclusive leadership, emotional intelligence, communication, leading virtual teams, navigating change and crisis, well-being and resilience. In addition, we build strategies and programs to accelerate the advancement of women.

Our consulting services help companies elevate their people and culture practices in the areas of talent management, succession planning, culture transformation, workplace well-being and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

About Sandra.

Founder and CEO

“I believe in the power of the human mind and the importance of connection. I believe leaders are made through their experiences, their failures and through their successes. I believe that leaders are built from their vulnerabilities, their mistakes, their achievements, their daring and their caring for employees – I believe their strength is solidified in their quietest moments.

As a leader, people are our purpose and within each of us is the potential to create a profound impact on the lives of our team.

Human-centric leadership separates the good from the exceptional. I help build the World’s best leaders through intention, inclusion, and impact.

Let’s take this journey together.”

Sandra Corelli