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Igniting Inclusion

Igniting Inclusion.

Imagine a culture where everyone feels comfortable bringing their authentic self to work every day. One where every employee feels seen, heard and valued. Imagine facilitating a voice-rich culture where every employee has the courage and confidence to speak up and educate each other.

Humanicity’s Igniting Inclusion workshop, is designed to build an inclusive culture by promoting openness, fostering belonging, tackling micro-aggressions and implicit bias, through learning how to build a voice-rich and safe space for employees and teams.

What can you expect?

A one-day interactive workshop experience delivered in-person or virtually. The workshop can also be delivered as a series over several weeks or months.


Participants will learn:

The capabilities of inclusive leadership and how to map inclusive leadership traits into one’s own leadership model;

Courageous leadership – how to effectively demonstrate vulnerability and intellectual humility and honesty;

How to build the foundational elements of psychological safety and strategies for developing safety on teams to encourage curiosity and facilitate a voice-rich culture;

How to identify subtle acts of exclusion and practice mindful inclusion to ignite a culture of belonging;

How to identify and address micro-aggressions and bias;

How to effectively establish team norms and how to navigate unwelcoming behaviour through feedback and education.

How do we get started?
  • Book a complimentary discovery call.
  • Identify where your organization stands on its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion journey
  • We partner to customize a solution for your needs and deliver an interactive experience.
Igniting Inclusion - Cover Photo
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Humanicity’s signature workshops will:

Elevate and empower your people

Build human skills and confidence

Drive innovation, inclusion and performance


Humanicity delivers engaging and interactive keynotes to suit your conference or event. Keynotes cover a variety of leadership topics and can be delivered virtually.