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The Elevate Project For Women* in Leadership

The Elevate Project For Women* in Leadership.

Women often play small, hold back, or feel they have to change who they are to fit in and get a seat at the table. Our signature program for Women in Leadership helps women navigate their unique experiences and intersecting identities, empowering them to overcome the challenges and obstacles they face.

Humanicity’s The Elevate Project for Women in Leadership, enables participants to find the tools within that allow them to own their authenticity, conquer their confidence, amplify their voice and prioritize their well-being.

The Elevate Project teaches women practical strategies to harness and strengthen leadership and power.

What can you expect?

A two-day interactive workshop experience delivered in-person or virtually. The workshop can also be delivered as a series over several weeks or months.


Practical strategies that will help women:

Understand and define their current leadership model and develop their Humanicity Intentional Leadership Map;

Identify and mitigate the power gaps that may be impacting how they show up;

Find their authentic voice and communicate with confidence in presentations and day to day meetings;

Overcome some of the obstacles and personal challenges that may be holding them back (i.e., imposter syndrome and self-doubt, shying away from self-advocacy and articulating their value, fear, people-pleasing, etc.);

Learn how to address and interrupt micro-aggressions and gender bias in their everyday life;

Prioritize their emotional, physical, and mental well-being, including mitigating burnout and building resilience.

How do we get started?
  • Book a complimentary discovery call.
  • Identify your talent strategy for Women in Leadership
  • We partner to customize a solution for your needs and deliver an interactive experience.

*The Elevate Project for Women in Leadership is a safe and open space for transgender and non-binary people. We work together to create an inclusive space.

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Humanicity’s signature workshops will:

Elevate and empower your people

Build human skills and confidence

Drive innovation, inclusion and performance


Humanicity delivers engaging and interactive keynotes to suit your conference or event. Keynotes cover a variety of leadership topics and can be delivered virtually.