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Building and developing your team may require multiple levels of strategy and focus. Humanicity offers consulting services to match your specific needs.

Humanicity Consulting Services

Do any of the following challenges exist within your organization?

  • You’re looking to increase diversity representation and create a culture where everyone feels they belong;
  • You’re looking to strengthen your talent pipeline;
  • You’re looking to increase employee engagement and reduce turnover;
  • You’re looking to prioritize employee well-being in a fast-paced or high-pressure environment;
  • You’re looking to reimagine and refresh your culture with new mindsets, behaviours, and actions for a changing world.

Humanicity partners with companies across all industries to help develop HR strategies. We work with you to design, build, or optimize the people and culture practices that drive organizational change in the following areas:

1. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI).

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There are two things all high-performing and innovative teams have in common:

  • They are inclusive
  • They are safe

Humanicity guides you every step of the way through our 5-step strategic DEI roadmap, from strategy to implementation to sustainability, all customized to your organization.

Building a more human experience through diverse and inclusive teams is at the heart of what we do and we help you build a workplace where everyone belongs and can thrive.

2. Workplace Well-Being.

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Employee burnout is the number one reason for increased absenteeism and lack of performance, innovation and engagement.

Humanicity helps to create and implement an end-to-end well-being strategy and roadmap that fits your organization’s culture and addresses the unique needs of your employees.

A clear focus on well-being can help to mitigate employee burnout, turnover and absenteeism.

3. Talent Management & Succession Planning.

Humanicity - Organizational Consulting

Many teams are left in the dark when one or more leaders leave the organization.

Humanicity helps design a talent strategy that drives your business and supports your vision, mission and purpose. This includes employee engagement and retention strategies, career programs, leadership development, succession planning, on-boarding and customized training. Effectively managing milestones in the employee lifecycle is critical to your success and we help with strategies, even while working remotely.

If building a high-performing organization that ensures seamless transitions for your leadership vacancies is a priority, Humanicity can help.

4. Change Leadership & Workplace Culture Transformation.

Change is challenging. New technologies, processes, ways of working and new leaders, can often lead to resistance.

Humanicity helps you navigate change with confidence by keeping your team engaged through times of uncertainty.   We work with you to manage employee risks and implications during organizational restructuring or transformational change. Let us help you reimagine, redefine and reset your culture to align with your strategic priorities.

Build confidence in your company’s transformation through seamless change execution with clear communication and engagement strategies.

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