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Impact Leadership

Impact Leadership.

People-first cultures don’t happen by accident.

They require leaders that are intentional about building a growth-oriented, inclusive environment where the hidden potential of others can be recognized and celebrated.

Any good leader will point to their people as key indicators of their success. Humanicity’s Impact Leadership 2-Day workshop provides practical strategies that empower participants with the tools to show up with intention and purpose, lead with a people-first mindset and communicate with impact.

What can you expect?

A two-day interactive workshop experience delivered in-person or virtually. The workshop can also be delivered as a series over several weeks or months.


Leveraging The Humanicity Method we will explore practical strategies to help leaders:

Understand and define their current leadership model and develop their Humanicity Intentional Leadership Map;

Lead in the moment and overcome limiting beliefs (aka defence mechanisms) in order to lead with courage, empathy and create a culture of belonging;

Understand the blueprint to navigating difficult conversations and how to be a more effective communicator;

Develop the emotional balance to self-manage under pressure and recognize feelings of depletion – physically, emotionally and mentally – and how to manage energy to build personal and collective team resilience.

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How do we get started?
  • Book a complimentary discovery call.
  • Identify your personal or organizational leadership growth opportunities.
  • We partner to customize a solution for your needs and deliver an interactive experience.
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Humanicity’s signature workshops will:

Elevate and empower your people

Build human skills and confidence

Drive innovation, inclusion and performance


Humanicity delivers engaging and interactive keynotes to suit your conference or event. Keynotes cover a variety of leadership topics and can be delivered virtually.